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TG&D I have been passionate about needlework for as long as I can remember! There is something about fabric, fibers, and of course beads(!) that I find irresistible. I am always busy stitching, knitting or doing bead work!

Turquoise Graphics & Designs started in the late 90s to pursue my passion for Computer Graphics and Cross Stitch Designs.  In those years the focus was more on graphics work. Even though I designed and stitched some cross stitch designs, I never got around to publishing them.  Later, with full time job and family, Turquoise was put on the backburner. In 2007, I re-launched the company, but focused mainly on Cross Stitch Designs and Needlework Accessories this time.

I hope to continue to bring you fun and interesting designs to stitch and decorate your homes with!

Interested in finding out more about me? Here are a couple of links to the interviews I have given over the years:
At Hoffman Distributing Website
At The Caron Collection Website

About the Designs:

TGD016 - Patience TGD014 - Quilted Heart TGD030 - Hathor, Lady Of Turquoise TGD024 - Whispering Grounds TGD028 - Western Zodiac

In order to add more texture to the finished work, in some designs I use beads and different fibers such as silk, wool, mohair, metallic thread etc. in addition to cotton embroidery floss. I believe working with such different fibers enhances the look of your finished work. It adds more texture to the surface.

You will find mainly full cross stitches and few straight stitches in my designs. If you see quarter stitches at all, it is to fill in some fine detail. Consequently, many of these designs are easily adaptable to needlepoint.

Each individual designs' information page lists the types of materials used in that design. I  offer Specialty Fiber and Bead Packs for some of the designs. These are available in limited quantities.

For those of you who would rather not stitch with glass beads, there is a Glass Bead-To-DMC conversion available from Wichelt Imports.

About the Charts:

TGD Chart Pack Sample

Charts are printed in black and contain a color image of the stitched model on the cover page.

About the Journal Pages and Floss Cards:

TGD Journal Page and Floss Card Sample

Whenever I am working on a project (especially a large one) I use floss cards to save time.

With that in mind I posted some complementary, downloadable Journal Pages and Floss Cards.

As for the Journal Pages... I sincerely hope you will start a stitchery journal if you are not keeping one already. Particularly for the items that you give away as gifts, it is always great to keep an entry in a journal with a photo of the finished product. Over the years these entries accumulate and it is always nostalgic to browse through one's own stitchery work.

About the Embellishment Packs:

TGD Specialty Fiber Pack Sample TGD Bead Pack Sample

Sometimes we spend a lot of time trying to track down a special fiber used in a project.  To save you time, I offer specialty fiber and bead packs for some of the designs. You will find the information on these packs on each individual designs' information page. These are available in limited quantities so get them before they sell out!

About the Beadwork:

Turquoise Graphics & Designs Beaded Scissor Fobs

Did I mention I love beads?! Making stitchery accessories, or designing unique beaded jewelry pieces is always a great pleasure for me! I am constantly on the lookout for new beads and charms. I hope you will keep checking back to see my latest offerings. These accessories would make a great gift for your stitching buddies or yourself!

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